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Unnes Physics Education Journal aims to publish results of empirical studies, theoretical studies, and conceptual analysis in the fields of education phylosophy and theory, physics education, development of physics learning instruments, physics learning media, experiments activity development in the physics learning, and physics learning evaluation.

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Vol 12 No 3 (2023): Vol 12 No 3
Published: 2024-01-19


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Unnes Physics Education Journal is an integrated forum for communicating scientific advances in the field of education physics. The journal reports significant new findings related to education physics, including: learning media development, learning methods development, learning methods implementation and several application of physics. 

Unnes Physics Education Journal publishes comprehensive research articles and invited reviews by leading expert in the field. Papers will be selected that high scientific merit, impart important new knowledge, and are of high interest to education physics community. 
This journal has been indexed in Google Scholar, DOAJ, https://sinta.kemdikbud.go.id/journals/profile/1587)SINTA 3 (Link :