General requirements

  1. Each author should confirm their authorship, and we encourage international collaborationAuthorship misconduct will result in several sanctions and even bans for author(s).
  2. We cannot accommodate 'massive submissions' from a particular institution or author/co-author. We suggest that the author and co-author submit their paper with a minimum gap of one year. If a specific name (either as main author or co-author) makes submissions too often, we will most likely reject the manuscript to prevent misconduct activities.
  3. Each author must have an ORCID ID; please create an account for those who don't have one. The ORCID link must be included during the submission process.
  4. Manuscripts must be related to Indonesian legal studies, with a multidisciplinary approach from a global perspective. Manuscripts must show the advantages and uniqueness of the topic under
  5. The length of manuscripts should be a minimum of 9000 words, including footnotes (but not abstract and references).
  6. The manuscript uses English with American style according to English Academic Writing
  7. A professional proofreader must check each manuscript for proofreading (proof of proofreading is included in the supplementary file). Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they are original or extended versions of previously published papers in conferences and journals and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication. 
  8. Each manuscript uses at least 30 references from the latest year’s journal articles (the last five years).
  9. Reference sources must be written clearly and completely.
  10. The manuscript is completed with an Abstract, a maximum of 250 words
  11. The title must be concise and clear, a maximum of 15 words
  12. Keywords consist of 3-5 related to the topic, not a snippet of the title
  13. Citation models must use Mendeley's standard citation application type: Chicago Manual Style (Author Fullnote) in Footnote form. 
  14. Each manuscript should use our latest template. Please do not modify the Template.
  15. Each submitted manuscript must be accompanied by an Author Biography in a separate file (Word) with a maximum of 150 words for each author in the form of a description.
  16. Each manuscript must also be accompanied by an Originality Statement signed by all authors, stamped with stamps on the correspondence/primary author, and scanned in PDF (not photographed).
  17. Each manuscript must be accompanied by proof of Proofread Professional whose validity can be traced