Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence (Study Decision Number: 2660/Pid.Sus/2015/PN Mdn)

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Arni Ranita Tamba
Ali Masyhar


The purpose of this research is,first, to know what is a form of legal protection for domestic violence victim in crime. Second, what is the legal consequences for perpetrators of domestic violence. Thirdly, what is the judge of consideration for making determination in the decision of number: 2660 / Pid.SUS / 2015 / PN Mdn. The method used in this research is the Normative and Empirical. With research literature sourced from legislation, books, official documents, and research results and legal research methods that serve to see the law in a real sense and examine how the work of law in the community. The results of the research in this research that Victims of Domestic Violence Suffered severe injuries on the left eyelid, left chest and Also the left arm. Therefore, perpetrators of Domestic Violence are sentenced to 8 (eight) years Imprisonment.

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Tamba, A. R., & Masyhar, A. (2020). Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence (Study Decision Number: 2660/Pid.Sus/2015/PN Mdn). Journal of Law and Legal Reform, 1(2), 297-310.
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A copy of the Decision No. 2660 / Pid.SUS / 2015 / PN Mdn.

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