The law and the community are always side by side, ubi societas ibi ius, where there is a community there is a law. Some previous researches also emphasized that law and legal reform in various countries including Indonesia's influenced by many factors (Rodiyah, Laskarwati, Masyhar, & Waspiah, 2019; Suwandoko & Rodiyah, 2018; Muhtada, 2017a, 2017b; Arifin, 2017). The second edition of the Journal of Law and Legal Reform presents writings from various perspectives within the framework of legal reform. The articles that are present to the reader in this edition are selected papers that have gone through a double-blind peer-reviewed process by expert reviewers. The articles discuss various aspects of legal reform in Indonesia and in the global context. In this second edition, we present thirteen writings (Research and Review Articles) and one Current Commentary. We thank all the authors, contributors, and also Reviewers who were involved directly or indirectly in the preparation and publication of this second edition. In addition, our gratitude also goes to the Indonesian Legal Journal Management Association (APJHI) for all its support, and the Law Masters Study Program at the Faculty of Law, Semarang State University. We would like to thank to Dr. Rodiyah SPd SH MSi (Dean of the Faculty of Law), Dr. Indah Sri Utari SH MHum (Chair of the Master of Laws Program), and the entire Team of the Journal of Law and Legal Reform. This year, the Journal of Law and Legal Reform continues to improve the quality of journal content and online journal page display with several national and international indexations.

Published: 2020-01-26