The Relationship of Technological Pedagoical and Content Knowledge Capabilities with Mastery of Biological Concepts of Prospective Biology Teachers

  • Efi Trihastuti Universitas Negeri Semarang
  • Siti Alimah - Biology Departement, Matematics and Natural Science Faculty, Universitas Negeri Semarang


Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge is a framework that integrates technology into aspects of pedagogy and content. TPACK ability is very important for prospective teachers in era 4.0. Prospective teachers who have TPACK skills will be better than teachers who only have PCK capabilities, in addition to TPACK prospective teachers also need to master the concept of materials that will be delivered when teaching. Prospective teachers who have mastery of good concepts can avoid inconsistencies that occur in students, because prospective teachers will explain according to the correct concept. Prospective teachers who do not master the concept of science well are feared to be the cause of misconceptions in students.

The purpose of this study is to describe the ability of TPACK prospective biology teachers, master the concept of prospective biology teachers, and analyze the relationship between the two. The sample from this study was prospective biology teacher students in semesters 8 and 10 which amounted to 64 students. This study uses a correlation research design with test instruments in the form of multiple choice and non-test questions in the form of structured interview guidelines

The results of the data analysis showed that the aspect of TK (58%), PK (63%), CK (64%), TPK (61%), TCK (62%) belonged to the sufficient category, while the PCK aspect (80%) was in the good category. Mastery of the concept of prospective teachers is in the medium category, with mastery of the highest concept on the concept of grouping animals based on their phylum, while the lowest is in the concept of ecosystems. From the results of mastery of the following concept is a concept measured mastery, namely the concept of biodiversity, classification of 5 kingdoms, viruses, fungi, plantae, animalia, cells, plant tissues, animal tissues, ecosystems, motion systems, digestive system, nervous system, growth and development, enzymes, genes, inheritance of traits, and evolution. Analysis of the two variables, namely TPACK and mastery of concepts, was tested using product moment correlation and produced the number 0.230 which makes TPACK and mastery of the concept is in a low category. Supporting aspects such as CK, TCK and PCK even when tested only pck aspects that occupy the medium category, for the CK and TCK aspects occupy the low category. This is because TPACK has technological and pedagogical aspects as well, so when connected with mastery of the concept of low correlation results.