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Vol 9 No 3 (2020): October 2020

Published: 2020-10-31

Effectiveness of Role Playing and Demonstration to Improve Smash the Tennis Technique

Rif’iy Qomarrullah, Kurdi Kurdi, I Putu Eka Wijaya Putra


The Urgency of Sports Health Law Tools in the New Normal Era

Yos Wandik, Rif’iy Qomarrullah, Lestari Wulandari Sawir, Muhlisin Muhlisin, Sugiharto Sugiharto


The Effect of Circuit Training Method on Leg Muscle Explosive Power

Rizki Yuliandra, Reza Adhi Nugroho, Aditya Gumantan


Barrier Jump Training to Leg Muscle Explosive Power

Pande Komang Rai Tirtayasa, I Gusti Putu Ngurah Adi Santika, Maryoto Subekti, I Putu Gede Adiatmika, Rifqi Festiawan


The Sport Co-Curricular as Social Skill Reinforcement for Students of Apprenticeship Program

Narwikant Indroasyoko, Achmad Muhammad, Sri Santoso Sabarini


Petanque: Mental Training and Kinesthetic Perception of Shooting Accuracy

Rony Muhammad Rizal, Moch. Asmawi, Johansyah Lubis


Manipulative Basic Motion Learning Model for The Elementary School Level

Noviria Sukmawati, Oktariyana Oktariyana, Ferdi Zulkarnain


The Contribution of The Strength of Leg Muscle and Eye-Hand Coordination Toward The Ability of Free Throws in Basketball

Novriansyah Novriansyah, Fitri Agung Nanda, Sigit Dwi Andrianto, Muhammad Imam Rahmatullah, Made Bang Redy Utama


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