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Vol 13 No 1 (2024)

Published: 2024-03-10

The Influence of Eye-Hand Coordination, Nutritional Status and the Object Control Ability of Early Childhood

widia oktri haningsih; Nurul Ihsan, Gusril Gusril, Ridho Bahtra, Heru Andika


Measurement Football Physical Tests Using an Outdoor Laboratory at an Educational Park

Rizki Dwi Oktario Bongga, Hartati Hartati, Silvi Aryanti


Developing A Digital-Based Library To Enhance Educational Knowledge Among Students

Muhammad Al Rizky, Hartati Hartati, Syafaruddin Syafaruddin


Indonesian Student Fitness Test to Measure Students Physical Fitness Levels

Riska Lestari, Destriana Destriana, Destriani Destriani


Leg Muscle Explosive Power, Foot Coordination and Concentration Can Influence The Accuracy of Goal Shooting

Yogi Mohendra; Tjung Hauw Sin, Arsil Arsil, willadi Rasyid, Heru Andika


The Influence of Study Habits, Nutritional Status and Economic Level on Physical Fitness

Remon Nelsa; Damrah Damrah, Aldo Naza Putra, Arsil Arsil, Heru Andika


Implementation of Physical Fitness Test Measurement in Basketball Using an Application

Muhammad Iqbal, Hartati Hartati, Ahmad Richard Victorian


Implementation Application For Measuring Physical Fitness Test Results In Badminton

Muhammad Dimas Praja, Hartati Hartati, Silvi Aryanti


Implementation of Physical Test Results Measurement Using a Volleyball Sports Web Application

Katarina Boru Tampubolon, Hartati Hartati, Destriani Destriani


Implementation of Physical Test Results Measurement Using a Pencak SIlat Sports Web Application

Faradillah Dwi Afriyanti, Hartati Hartati, Destriana Deatriana


Why Are Traditional Games Good for The Physical Being?

Poppy Elisano Arfanda, Ians Aprilo, M. Adam Mappaompo, Arimbi Arimbi, Heryanto Nur Muhammad


The Application Of Physical Fitness Test Measurements Using A Futsal Sports Branch

Nabila Shafa Salsabilla, Hartati Hartati, Destriana Destriana
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