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Vol 10 No 2 (2021)

Published: 2021-08-10

Implementation of Assessment of Physical Education Learning Results on Junior High School Teachers

Mimi Yulianti, Leni Apriani, M. Fransazeli Makorohim, Sri Rezeki Ameliana, Jumadi Jumadi


The Anthropometric Profiles and Physical Fitness for Elementary School Children

Edo Arisyandi; Hartati hartati, Destriana Destriana, Doni pranata


Physical Literacy in Physical Education Curriculum

Arif Bulqini, Puspodari Puspodari, Poppy Elisano Arfanda, Suroto Suroto, Toho Cholik Mutohir


Negative Social Interaction and Psychological Well-Being on Female Basketball Athletes

Zulfa Nur Umniyah, Berliana Berliana, Boyke Mulyana, Geraldi Novian


Mental toughness of martial art athletes based on age and gender

Albert Wolter Aridan Tangkudung, Aridhotul Haqiyah, James Tangkudung, Dindin Abidin


Increasing Upper Body Strength of Wrestling Athletes through Bulgarian Bag Exercise

M. Tobibi Maki, Berliana Berliana, Dede Rohmat Nurjaya, Geraldi Novian


Forehand Smash Test Model for Junior Badminton Athletes

Agus Wiyanto, Septian Williyanto, Masri Masri, Novi Lidya Isdarianti, Sri Wicahyani


Content Validation Instrument Rating Factors Contributing to Low Back Pain in Sports

Dinan Mitsalina, Tomoliyus Tomoliyus, Muhammad Imam Rahmatullah, Aulia Gusdernawati, Masnur Ali


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