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Vol 11 No 1 (2022): Article in Press

Published: 2022-04-08

Public Speaking Skills as a Prerequisite to Implementation Field Experience Practice of Physical Education Sport & Health Teachers

Sri Wicahyani, Advendi Kristiyandaru, Dwi Cahyo Kartiko, Septian Williyanto, Pardiman Pardiman


Needs Analysis of Development of Digital-Based Vertical Jump Tests

Herri Yusfi, Soleh Solahuddin, Syamsuramel Syamsuramel, Giartama Giartama, Destriani Destriani


Effect Of Self-Efficacy: How Athletes With Disabilities In Achieve Achievements?

Ricardo Valentino Latuheru, Poppy Elisano Arfanda, Ians Aprilo


Effectiveness of Health Protocol Discipline at Universitas Terbuka Jayapura

Rivaldhy Nur Muhammad, Rif’iy Qomarrullah, Lestari Wulandari Sawir


District Education And Cultural Department Policies In Increasing Student Sports Achievement

Razali Ismail, Denny Suheri Abdullah, Sukardi Putra, Albadi Sinulingga, Myrza Akbari


The Relationship between Speed and Agility on the Football Skills of Young Football Players

Sulistiyono Sulistiyono, Nawan Primasoni, Tri Winarti Rahayu, Dimas Galih


Fluid Intake and Hydration Status among Sports Science Students at Cenderawasih University

Evi Sinaga, Miftah Fariz Prima Putra, Friska Sari Gracia Sinaga, Rodhi Rusdiyanto Hidayat, Eva Sinaga


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