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The Journal of Private and Commercial Law (ISSN Print 2599-0314 ISSN 2599-0306 Online) is a scientific publication dedicated to the fields of Private and Commercial Law, as well as related disciplines. It was initiated by the Department of Private and Commercial Law, Faculty of Law at Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES), Indonesia. The primary objective of the journal is to facilitate scholarly and professional discussions on current legal developments in Indonesia. Additionally, it aims to showcase innovative legal research focusing on Indonesian laws and the legal system. To ensure accessibility to a global audience interested in Indonesian law discourse, the journal is exclusively published in English. The Journal of Private and Commercial Law warmly welcomes contributions from international legal scholars and professionals, as well as representatives from courts, executive authorities, and relevant agencies. By doing so, it seeks to foster a diverse and comprehensive exchange of ideas and insights in the field.
The content of the journal encompasses various novel topics concerning Indonesian laws and the legal system. The review includes a broad range of legal scholarship, covering fields such as: Private Law, Commercial Law, Private International Law, Intellectual Property, Trade Law, Sharia Law, Adat Law, Banking Law, Consumer Protection Law, Insurance Law, Anthropology of Law, Sociology of Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Journal of Private and Commercial Law embraces diverse approaches to legal studies, including normative, empirical, and comparative law methods.
Title  : The Journal of Private and Commercial Law
Editor in Chief : Irawaty, SH., MH., Ph.D.
ISSN : ISSN Print 2599-0314 | ISSN 2599-0306 Online
DOI Prefix : 10.15294/jpcl
Publisher : Faculty of Law Universitas Negeri Semarang
Frequency : Biannually (May and November)


Regarding the paperless policy at our institution, we do not provide printed journals and or any documents in print. All documents will be provided online. If the author wants the printed version of the journal and the certificate of authorship, please contact our editor (a charge will be applied). Journal of Private and Commercial Law is committed to providing the best articles related to the field of law and or related studies that contribute both nationally and internationally. Journal of Private and Commercial Law offers an opportunity for anyone, whether students, lecturers, researchers, or legal practitioners, to send their best manuscript to the Journal. Journal of Private and Commercial Law accepts manuscripts throughout the year, and there is a deadline (specific time) for receipt of manuscripts except for certain topics. Journal of Private and Commercial Law also welcomes opportunities for cooperation in publishing the results of Seminars and Conferences in Special or Regular Issues; for further information, please contact the editor by email.