Integralistik is a peer reviewed journal that covers the fields of scientific knowledge or academic that civics education studies. The Integralistik is a academic journal that centered in citizenship studies i.e. civic education (curriculum, teaching, instructional media, and evaluation), political education, law education, moral education, and multicultural education. Contributions are welcome in any suitable form, including critical essays, reviews of significant topics, case studies, theoretical and empirical articles, and statistical analysis. It has been published biannually since 2010 with registered number p-ISSN 0853-7208 and e-ISSN 2549-5011. Integralistik journal published by Civic Education Program, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universitas Negeri Semarang in cooperation with Indonesia Association of Pancasila and Civic Education (Asosiasi Profesi Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan Indonesia). And than, Integralistik journal is an open access journal and also available in print.

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Vol 29, No 2 (2018): Juli 2018

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Agustinus Sugeng Priyanto, Andi Suhardiyanto, Isriadi Wijiastuti
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.16698 Views of Abstract: 66 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 15
Iyep Candra Hermawan, Dina Indriyani, Heri Munadi
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.16699 Views of Abstract: 40 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 32
Margi Wahono
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.16696 Views of Abstract: 104 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 361
Sriwahyuni Sriwahyuni
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.17946 Views of Abstract: 4 | PDF: 1 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 2
Wiyanto Wiyanto, Bachtiar Arifudin Husain
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.16701 Views of Abstract: 87 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 17
Solkhah Mufirkhah
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.16697 Views of Abstract: 32 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 21
Sri Anggraini kusuma Dewi
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.16700 Views of Abstract: 28 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 20
Natal Kristiono
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.16702 Views of Abstract: 50 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 32
Martien Herna Susanti, Setiajid Setiajid
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.17947 Views of Abstract: 23 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 9
Andi Suhardiyanto, Tijan Tijan
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.17948 Views of Abstract: 9 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 7
Tijan Tijan, Andi Suhardiyanto
10.15294/integralistik.v29i2.17950 Views of Abstract: 3 | PDF (Bahasa Indonesia): 4