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Chief, E. (2019). Editorial. Indonesian Journal of Curriculum and Educational Technology Studies, 7(1), i-iv. https://doi.org/10.15294/ijcets.v7i1.34091


All of the readers, in this volume Indo­nesian Journal of Curriculum and Educational technology (IJCETS) publishes several articles from field research and one book review. First article from Ethiopian authors who want to sha­re their finding on how to foster sport student achievement through peer-oriented instruction. They found that this approach has enhance the student achievement better than the conventio­nal learning approach previously.

Second article talking about teachers’ perception on student learning style and their teaching. The research indicates that the teach­ers’ understanding about their students’ diffe­rent learning style and their awareness to design more appropriate teaching method to meet with their students’ learning style. Third article il­lustrates how the authors develop an interactive virtual module to improve the student achieve­ment on physic subject.

Fourth article is quite interesting, be­cause pick up the contemporary discourse on Indonesia’s political realm about how the go­vernment prioritize to build the nation from the margin and put maritime as an important part of this orientation. The author tries to analyze and develop a conceptual frame of maritime cur­riculum design for coastal community in Jepara, the north of the Central Java province. Several important subjects have been proposed by the author.

The next article discusses the need assess­ment of developing android-based application in order to facilitate the English learning pro­cess in this digital era. The research found that most of the students have smartphone (82,5%) and most of them stated that using android app­lication is interesting (95%). The sixth article describes the teachers’ perception related to the implementation of the 2013 national Indonesia’s curriculum and proposes the need of the teach­ers to get more training program in order to mas­ter the Curriculum 2013 deeply.

Next, it is for the third time we publish book review in order to analyze and propose to the readers that some books are interesting and important as a literature for curriculum or educational technology development as a field of studies or practice. This time one of our edi­tors reviewing an interesting book by Selwyn to broadening the perspective on how we should perceive educational technology by using more philosophical and sociological perspectives.

Of course, we hope more authors could give many reviews to make our field of studies has more strong academic discourse and poten­tial to be developed further. IJCETS as an aca­demic journal feels that it is our duty and res­ponsibility to share many researches finding and literatures related to our field of studies (curri­culum, educational technology, or education studies in general). It is such as prerequisite if we seriously want to develop our field of studies, especially in Indonesian context.

At least, thanks to all of the authors, edi­tors, reviewers and readers for your immense and valuable participation for the publication of this volume an onwards.

Semarang,   April 2019

Editor in Chief