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Jurnal Seni Musik [p ISSN 2301-4091 | E ISSN 2503-2860]  is a peer reviewed journal. Jurnal Seni Musik welcomes articles which report on and discuss research and methodological issues from the point of view of philosophy, sociology, psychology and comparative studies. The journal is concerned with the dissemination of ideas relating to practical and theoretical developments in the field.
Jurnal Seni Musik covers in a broad sense including teaching and learning; formal and informal contexts; musical development; musical creativity and perception; instrumental/vocal studies; technologies; special needs, community settings; socio-cultural issues; policy; curriculum design and assessment [see Focus and Scope].  It is publishes by Department of Drama, Dance, and Music Education (Sendratasik), Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) two time a year, June and December, in cooperation with  Asosiasi Profesi Pendidik Sendratasik Indonesia (AP2SENI)/The Association of Profession for Indonesian Sendratasik Educators. Editor accepts the article has not been published in other media with the writing format as listed on page manuscript writing guidelines (see Author Guidelines and Manuscript Template ]

Vol 12 No 2 (2023): December 2023

This issue has been available online since 31th December 2023 for the regular issue of December 2023. All articles in this issue were authored/co-authored from 2 countries (Indonesia, and Malaysia).

Published: 2023-12-31

The Singing Ornamentation of Lagu Melayu Asli

Dayang Siti Hazar Awang Hassim, Kamarulzaman Mohamed Karim


Jamet Stereotyping in Jedag-Jedug Music: An Analysis of Jedag-Jedug Music Stereotype

Wendy Belinda Tiantini, Johny Alfian Khusyairi, Nadya Afdholy, Yulia Mega Puspita


Analysis of Joged Kahyangan Works in Saxophone Recitals "Lintas Waktu"

Yudi Novrian Komalig, Adinda Satria Nugraha, Yohanes Ruswanto


Simple Arrangement of Children’s Song with Trilingual Characters As Learning Media For PGSD and PGMI Students

Syahrul Syah Sinaga, Maria Johana Ari Widayanti, Eka Titi Andaryani, Ibnu Amar Muchsin


Musical Accompaniment in Dolalak Dance: The Perspective of Beauty Philosophy

Maria Magdalena Cita Hapsari, Muh Fakhrihun Naam


Creation of Bundengan Organology

Ghazian Arka Fikry A., Mochammad Usman Wafa


Strategies of Music Learning for Children With Special Needs in Kindergarten

Aliffiya Rizqi Nuryanto, Alfine Salsabila Adi Santoso


Audio Test for Musicality: Designing A Technology-Based Instrument for Measuring Music Learning Outcomes

Nafik Salafiyah, Wadiyo Wadiyo, Siti Aesijah, Deu Aditama Nuswantara


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