The Relationship between Creative Thinking, Problem Solving Skills, and Self Efficacy with Work Readiness

Alis Nihlatin Nisa, Dwi Yuwono Puji Sugiharto, Awalya Awalya

8-13 |

The Counseling Group of Anger Management and Social Skills Training Techniques to Reduce Physical Aggression Behavior

Era Annisa Emansi Saliha, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Awalya Awalya

14-21 |

Contribution of Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem to Subjective Well-Being

Tulus Wardoyo, Awalya Awalya, Mulawarman Mulawarman

22-28 |

The Influence of Social Support, Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy on Academic Achievement

Imas Maspupatun, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Sugiyo Sugiyo

36-41 |

The Effectiveness of Life Skill Education-Based Digital Content to Improve Student Career Planning

Haris Yuftika Hani, Mulawarman Mulawarman, Mungin Eddy Wibowo

49-53 |

Impact of Group Counseling with Cognitive Restructuring Techniques to Reduce Cheating and Increase Self Efficacy

Panca Kurniasari, Muhammad Jafar, Sunawan Sunawan

61-68 |