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The Semarang State Undergraduate Law and Society Review, originating from the vibrant Socio-Legal Studies community at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Negeri Semarang, represents a distinctive platform for interdisciplinary exploration. This journal stands out on the international academic stage by fostering a diverse and inclusive approach, addressing issues from various legal cultures while embracing theoretical concerns of cross-cultural significance. What sets this publication apart is its dedication to cultivating a broad international readership. By encouraging contributions that traverse borders and legal traditions, the journal serves as a nexus for global scholarly exchange. The inclusion of a highly regarded Book and Movie Review section enhances its unique standing within the broader legal studies context, providing a multifaceted perspective that extends beyond conventional academic discourse.

Challenging, authoritative, and timely, the Semarang State Undergraduate Law and Society Review caters not only to legal researchers and practitioners but also beckons sociologists, criminologists, and other social scientists. This journal acts as a reservoir for contemporary legal research, employing a multidisciplinary lens to explore various facets of the legal landscape. It serves as a peer-reviewed forum, presenting articles and notes that contribute to the understanding of the intricate relationship between society and the legal process.

With a commitment to inclusivity, the journal welcomes submissions from any scholarly tradition concerned with the cultural, economic, political, psychological, or social dimensions of law and legal systems. Its broad interdisciplinary scope encompasses not only Indonesia and Southeast Asia but extends to a wider global context, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the complex interplay between law and society on an international scale. As an integral part of international academia, the Semarang State Undergraduate Law and Society Review is positioned at the forefront of advancing cross-cultural dialogue and understanding within the legal field.

Vol 3 No 2 (2023): July, 2023

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Semarang State University Undergraduate Law and Society (ISSN Print 2807-8225 ISSN Online 2807-8683) is a double blind peer reviewed legal scientific journal published by the Faculty of Law, Universitas Negeri Semarang every January and July (biannualy) every year. The journal fully organized and managed by Undergraduate Law Student at Faculty of Law Universitas Negeri Semarang under International Undergraduate Program (International Rombel). This journal contains the results of contemporary legal research related to various aspects of the legal field with a multidisciplinary approach. The focus and scope of this journal includes (but is not limited to): Criminal Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, State Administrative Law, International Law, Tax Law, Islamic Law, Comparative Law, Procedural Law, Law and Human Rights, Aviation Law , Maritime Law, Law of the Sea, Immigration Law, Criminal Justice System, Child Criminal Law, Law and Gender, Law and Politics, Economic Law, Diplomatic Law, Humanitarian Law, Forestry Law, Environmental Law, Dispute Settlement, Law and Crime, Health Law, Legal Forensics, and other various filed of legal studies both in the study of Indonesian law, Southeast Asia, and the wider global context.