Focus and Scope




First published in 2015, the Law Research Review Quarterly provides authoritative and critical analysis on a broad range of legal issues. It is widely acclaimed as a leading platform for scholarly legal debate in Indonesia and throughout the civil law world. With four issues a year, the Law Research Review Quarterly keeps readers up-to-date with many important legal developments. The Law Research Review Quarterly is committed to providing a balanced coverage of developments in the common law world. Issues covered are relevant to both academics and practitioners. The Law Research Review Quarterly is also recognized as one of the leading peer-reviewed journals in Indonesia that provides an international forum for articles, commentaries, and notes in all areas of legal scholarship and across a range of methodologies including doctrinal, theoretical, and socio-legal. The focus of this journal is to publish articles related to legal justice in a broad perspective, whether from psychological, social, political, economic, cultural, linguistic, and security and intelligence studies. The journal regularly publishes special issues within this broad remit.


The Law Research Review Quarterly has a history and rich vein of legal scholarship, especially for law student, combining distinct publication on the law of Indonesia, as well as Southeast Asia, and prominence within the Faculty of Law Universitas Negeri Semarang, with leading contributions to the discussion and shaping of law across the civil law world and further afield.