Publish On December, 2021


Mathematical Communication Ability from The Perspective of Math Anxiety in 10th Grade Student

Rizki Ahid Nurhasanah, St. Budi Waluya, Iqbal Kharisudin

115-121 |

Student Mathematic Connection Ability Through Ict Assisted Preprospec Learning Model

Ranggamurti Iswara, Nuriana Rachmani Dewi, Adi Nur Cahyono

122-128 |

Students' Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability Judging from Self-Regulated Learning in MiC Learning with an Open-Ended Approach

Jody Setya Hermawan, Mohammad Asikin, Nur Karomah Dwidayati

129-135 |

The APOS Content Basic Algebra Module to Improve the Learning Autonomy of Achieving Mathematics Connection Skills

Krisno Budi Prasetyo, YL. Sukestiyarno, Adi Nur Cahyono

136-143 |

Mathematical Representation Ability Based on Self-Efficacy on Online Learning Through Flipped Classroom

M. Andi Safrudin, Isnarto Isnarto, Iwan Junaedi

157-162 |

Mathematics Creative Thinking Skills in Creative Problem Solving Based on Cognitive Style

Hendra Yulianto, Dwijanto Dwijanto, Mulyono Mulyono

180-187 |

Students' Critical Thinking Ability Reviewed Learning Styles in Learning with SCAMPER Method the Assisted by E-Module

Muhamad Sarifuddin, Isnarto Isnarto, Wiyanto Wiyanto

188-194 |

Analysis of Mathematical Communication Ability in terms of Self Confidence in Schoology Assisted Treffinger Learning

Haifa Nafisah, Isnarto Isnarto, Wardono Wardono

195-201 |

Mathematical Communication Ability in terms of Student Learning Styles in Inquiry Based Learning Assisted by Module

Fita Kurniawati, Hardi Suyitno, Mulyono Mulyono

202-210 |

The Ability of Mathematical Reasoning and Self Efficacy Students in Learning Project Based Learning Assisted Moodle

Shoib Rizal Al Ashari, Mulyono Mulyono, Scolastika Mariani

220-226 |