About the Journal

Edu Geography starting in 2024 migrates from OJS 2 to OJS 3 to better secure from various unwanted things, including journal hacking and so on. To submit, the author please visit the new website page of our journal at the link https://journal.unnes.ac.id/journals/edugeo


Edu Geography [p-ISSN 2252-6684|e-ISSN 2549-0346|DOI 10.15294.edugeo] publishes original research and conceptual analysis of geography education. Edu Geography provides a forum for educators and scholars to present innovative teaching strategies and essential content for elementary and secondary geography, AP Human Geography, introductory college geography, and preservice methods courses. The journal invites scholarly work in the areas of how students learn and instructors teach by preserving and disseminating research. It is also a forum for discussion of state, national, and international trends in geography education. The journal seeks original manuscripts that contribute to the understanding of issues and topics associated with geography education.

Journal aims to be a forum for scientific journals and geography research with a focus on journals related to the study of geography education including:

1. Geography Education Management

2. Geography Learning Planning

3. Evaluation of Geography Learning

4. Geography Curriculum

5. Geography Learning Technology

6. Geography Education Learning Strategies and various themes relevant to geography education in the fields of Physical, Social, Regional Geography and so on.

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