P. P. Aji, F. S. Rondonuwu, N. A. Wibowo


Micromagnetic study of material thickness dependence of Barium-ferrite nano-dot magnetization dynamics has been performed. The used materials characteristics in this research represent the properties of Barium-ferrite. Barium-ferrite was modeled as a nano-dot with a surface area of 50 × 50 nm2 and its thickness varies from 5 nm to 100 nm. This nano-dot was simulated using micromagnetic simulator software by solving Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation. According to this study, obtained that the Barium-ferrite nano-dot has excellent thermal stability. Magnetization rate of this nano-dot decreases exponentially with the increase of thickness. The fastest magnetization rate observed in 5 nm of nano-dot thickness, meanwhile 45 nm for the slowest rate. Magnetization reversal mode of this Barium-ferrite nano-dot is dominated by domain wall nucleation and propagation. During the propagation of the domain wall, the exchange interaction becomes the main aspect compared to the other contributed energies.


Domain wall; Magnetic field; Magnetization; Switching field

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