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Physics Communications [p-ISSN 2528-5971e-ISSN 2528-598X | DOI 10.15294/physcomm | Google Scholar] publishes research papers in the broad field of physics; current areas of particular interest are reflected by the research interests and expertise of the CPC Editorial Board. The focus is on contemporary methods and techniques and their implementation, the effectiveness of which will normally be demonstrated by the author(s) in the context of a substantive problem in physics.

2019: Article In Press

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Vety Auliasari, Supriyadi Supriyadi, Suharto Linuwih
10.15294/physcomm.v0i0.20626 Views of Abstract: 190 | PDF: 91
Wakid Rima Oktafianto, Hartono Hartono, Sulhadi Sulhadi
10.15294/physcomm.v0i0.20627 Views of Abstract: 186 | PDF: 93
Anton Winarto, Wahyu Hardyanto, Sugianto Sugianto
10.15294/physcomm.v0i0.20628 Views of Abstract: 165 | PDF: 125
Galuh Ayu Riyanti, Hartono Hartono, Putut Marwoto
10.15294/physcomm.v0i0.20629 Views of Abstract: 306 | PDF: 148