(The Case of the Third Semester English Language Students of UNNES)

  • Sri Maryati
  • Sri Suprapti


Cohesion is the first criterion of textuality which is very important because it is the
links that hold text together and give it meaning. This study aims to identify whether
the speeches produced by English major sophomores are cohesive or not and to
describe the kinds of cohesive devices found in the speeches. The object of this study
is the speeches produced by the third semester students of English Department,
which then were transcribed into written. The data collected were analyzed based on
discourse analysis using cohesive devices based on Halliday and Hasan‟s theory
(1976). The findings show that there are 1040 ties found in the ten speeches which
reveals that the five types of cohesive devices occur in the speeches although the
distribution of each type is significantly different. Based on the findings, it can be
concluded that the ten speeches are cohesively produced. In addition, all of five
types and sub-types of cohesion are found in the monologues except verbal ellipsis.

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Maryati, S., & Suprapti, S. (2019). COHESION IN STUDENTS’ SPEECHES. ELT Forum: Journal of English Language Teaching, 7(2), 29-39.