Akit Tribe Career Aspirations

Aldi Ihsandi, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Sunawan Sunawan

67-72 |

The Effects of Future Time Perspective on Self-Regulation in Learning Mediated by Mindfulness

Miftahu Fajar Khoiri, Edy Purwanto, Sunawan Sunawan

73-79 |

The Effects of Self-Efficacy and Academic Engagement on Academic Resilience

Fitri Insi Nisa, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Mulawarman Mulawarman

80-86 |

Effectiveness of Group Counseling with a Motivational Interviewing Approach to Improve Students’ Academic Engagement

Muh Nurhidayat HL, Edy Purwanto, Mulawarman Mulawarman

87-93 |

The Effects on Social Media Interactions and Emotional Intelligence on Self-Control

Isti Hhoirun Nisa, DYP Sugiharto, Farid Ahmadi

94-99 |

The Effect of Life Design Online Career Counseling to Improve the Career Adaptability and Optimism

Mufidah Istiqomah, Sugiyo Sugiyo, Sunawan Sunawan

120-126 |

Comparison of the effectiveness of Solution Focus Brief Counseling (SFBC) and reality group counseling to improve self-Efficacy Career

Rudianto Jati Widigdo, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Sinta Saraswati

134-138 |

The Moderating Role of Locus of Control in the Effect of Self-Efficacy on Academic Resilience

Tiara Prawitasari, Sugiyo Sugiyo, Sinta Saraswati

139-145 |

The Effectiveness of Compassion-Focused Group Counseling with Imagery and Chair Work Techniques to Increase Students’ Self-Esteem

Asep Amat Sopian, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Mulawarman Mulawarman

146-152 |

The Relationship Between Strength Of Faith And Academic Resilience Mediated By Ihsan Goal Orientation And Self-Efficacy

Ani Wardatul Masruroh, Edy Purwanto, Anwar Sutoyo

153-158 |

The Effect of Parenting Style and Self-Regulation on Smartphone Addiction Through Students’ Anxiety

Tera Pertiwi Atikah, Sugiyo Sugiyo, Awalya Awalya

189-196 |