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Author Guidelines


In review process, Jurnal Kreano impose One Round Blind Peer Review. It means, submitted manuscript will be reviewed by reviewer and we will reject unapprove first revised manuscript.
  1. Jurnal Kreano is strongly avoid plagiarism.
  2. Every accepted manuscript, will be published in open-access journal system of Unnes.
  3. Author who its manuscript is published, won't get fee from publisher.
  4. Author who its manuscript is accepted, will be charged with publication fee of Rp 700.000,- (IDR=Indonesian Rupiahs) per article, and unaccepted manuscript will become archives of OJS, and author won't be charged.
  5. Unaccepted or declined manuscript able to submitted to another relevant journal.


Disampaikan hal-hal terkait tata tulis yang bersifat umum, yaitu:

  1. Penulisan menggunakan font Times New Roman, dengan ukuran-ukuran tertentu.
  2. Abstrak ditulis dengan bahasa Indonesia, sedangkan Abstract ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Keduanya harus ada dalam setiap naskah.
  3. Naskah ditulis dengan spasi 1.
  4. Tata halaman, menggunakan ukuran kertas A4, dengan ukuran margin normal, tanpa mengubah ukuran margin (semua margin berukuran 2,54 cm).
  5. Menggunakan paragraf tipe Justify atau rata kanan-kiri.
  6. Daftar pustaka sekurangnya memuat 5 referensi berasal dari jurnal ilmiah.
  7. Penulisan rujukan menggunakan format APA.


  1. Title. It should be specific, effective and informative. It is not more than 12 words for Bahasa and 10 words in English.
  2. Author identity. It covers name(s) without any academic degree; affiliation and its address; and email address.
  3. Abstract. It is written from 150 up to 200 words. It is not a summary consists of paragraphs. It covers objectives of study, data/object of study, methodology, results or conclusion.
  4. Keywords. It reflects concept/variables of the study written in between three up to six words.
  5. Introduction. It covers background of study, motivation in writing the paper, theories, objectives of study. It should be written in paragraphs.
  6. Research Methods. It describes the research design used comprises of methods, technique in collecting data, technique of data analysis, and varibles measurement which are written in paragraphs, not numbering.
  7. Results and discussion. This part should describe informative results of empirical research which are written systematically and critically. Tables and figures can be presented in this part to support the discussion, for examples table of statistics-test results, figures of model test results and etc. Discussion of results should be argumentative and should point out on how the findings, theories, previous study and empirical facts are relevant and contributes something new to knowledge of Math. Education development.
  8. Conclusion. It should illustrate brief and clear results of study, contributions to new theories, and new ideas for future researches. Here, the theoretical and practical implications should be written in paragraphs.
  9. References. Data, information, and citation should be over the last 10 years. 80% citation written in the paper should be from primary sources derived from national and international researches. The more primary references that the paper has, the more qualified the paper will be.  Manuscripts are written by using standard citation application (Mendeley/ Endnote/ Zotero). APA style reference should be used. Ensure that the references are referred on the paper and arrange them alphabetically

Manuscript Template, please download here.

General and sepcific rule of manuscript, please download here.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Naskah yang saya submit, tidak sedang disubmitkan ke jurnal atau konferensi selain Kreano.


  2. File artikel yang saya submitkan berupa file DOC/ DOCX agar dapat dilayout oleh editor. File pendamping untuk instrumen dan data penunjang lainnya, dapat dilampirkan dalam bentuk PDF.
  3. Saya bersedia mengirimkan biaya publikasi (Publication fee) sebesar Rp 700.000,- setelah naskah saya dinyatakan diterima (ACCEPTED).
  4. Saya tidak menarik naskah saya setelah naskah masuk ke proses review. Jika saya menarik naskah setelah masuk dalam proses review, saya bersedia dikenai penalty fee sebesar Rp 1.500.000,-

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Privacy Statement

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