Preparation of NaOH/CaO Superbase Catalysts from Limestone for the Biodiesel Production

Sintia Muharani, Mustain Zamhari, Erwana Dewi

237-244 |

Effect of Alkaline Catalyst Concentrations and Weight Ratios of Oil to Methanol on the Biodiesel Production From Waste Cooking Oil

Anggi Dwi Chandrika, Muhammad Yerizam, Anerasari Meidinariasty

245-254 |

Analysis of Cr and Pb in Green Mussels from the Fish Auction Site, Klidang Lor, Batang Using AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry)

Kholisatuz Zahro, Khusna Santika Rahmasari, Achmad Vandian Nur, W Wirasti

262-268 |

Analysis of Calcium Levels in Yoghurt Drinks Using a UV-Visible Spectrophotometry Method

Elfina Salsabila, Erfan Priyambodo

269-277 |

Effect Of The Extraction Methods On The Identification Of Caffeine In The Extract Of Dragon Fruit Peel

Reza pratama saputra, Nurlita Julianti, Azhari Firmansyah, Rhamal Amir, Aden Dhana Rizkita, Sintia Ayu Dewi

278-287 |

Recovery of Indantren from Batik Liquid Waste after Fabric Dying and its Application

Maghfiroh Maghfiroh, Daru Anggara Murty, Hutami Puji Lestari

288-296 |

Synthesis of Red Mud-Based SiO2 with Various NaOH Concentrations and Extraction Times

Bernadeta Dwi Meilani, Anis Shofiyani, Nelly Wahyuni

305-316 |