JILS (Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies) is a peer reviewed journal published biannual (May and November) by Faculty of Law, Universitas Negeri Semarang. JILS published both Printed and Online version (Print ISSN 2548-1584, Online ISSN 2548-1592). JILS is intended to be the journal for publishing of results of research on law both empirical and normative study, especially in contemporary legal issues. The various topics but not limited to, criminal law, constitutional law, private law, economic law, human rights law, international law, tax law, Islamic law, customary law, commercial business law, environmental law, street law, legal education, maritime law, trade law, in the framework of Indonesian legal systems and Indonesian legal studies.

Vol 5 No 2 (2020): Legal Developments in National and Global Context: Various Contemporary Issues

Various legal issues develop and become very interesting to discuss and study, both issues at the national and global levels. This edition of the JILS (Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies) contains various articles related to the development of current issues in legal studies. In this edition, the papers presented come from several countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, and Nigeria. This edition also consist of several universities: Walailak University Thailand, Novena University Nigeria, Adekunle Ajasin University Nigeria, University of Indonesia, Sebelas Maret University Indonesia, Monash University Malaysia, Mahidol University Thailand, Muhammadiyah Malang University Indonesia, Kazan Innovation University Russia, Russian State University of Justice, and International Mariinskata Academy Russia. This edition is avalilable online since November 24, 2020 for the 5 (2) November 2020 edition.

Published: 2020-11-24

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Regarding the paperless policy at our institution, since 2020, we do not provide printed journals and or any documents in print. All documents will be provided online. If the author wants the printed version of the journal and the certificate of authorship, please contact our editor (charged will be apllied). JILS (Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies) is committed to providing the best articles related to the field of law and or related studies that contribute both nationally and internationally. JILS (Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies) provides an opportunity for anyone, whether students, lecturers, researchers, or legal practitioners to send their best manuscript to the Journal. JILS (Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies) accepts manuscripts throughout the year, and there is no time limit for receipt of manuscripts except for certain topics. JILS (Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies) also welcome opportunities for cooperation in publishing the results of Seminars and Conferences in Special or Regular Issues, for further information please contact the editor by email at: jils@mail.unnes.ac.id