Dear potential author,

This week, January 22, by the UNNES Journal Center, the Kreano Journal Homepage was moved to a new home. Kreano's new home address is https://journal.unnes.ac.id/journals/kreano --- click here

Some things we need to inform you about are:

  1. Number 15(1) of 2024, will begin to be published in a new home.
  2. Authors who have submitted at the old home will still be processed at the old home, but will publish at the new home.
  3. There will be an official letter from the UNNES journal center for the process of moving the journal home. History will be based on the old Home.
  4. The process of moving house takes time, so the new home, even though it can be used, is not complete.
  5. Register a new author, no longer allowed in the old home.
See ya at our new home...