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DOI: 10.15294/jils
Audience: Legal scholars, Legal Practitioners
Topic: Contemporary Issues on Indonesian Legal Studies: Capturing Law and Development in Global Context
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Editor in Chief: Ridwan Arifin, S.H., LL.M.


Published: 2023-05-31

Traditional Cultural Expression as an Embodiment of Indigenous Communities and Regional Identity (Semarang Indonesia Case)

Rindia Fanny Kusmaningtyas, Arif Hidayat, Gabrielle Poetri Soebiakto, Ahmad Fauzan Permana, Ibadurrahman Hanan Abdullah


Development of a Restitution Model in Optimizing Legal Protection for Victims of Human Trafficking in Indonesia

Angkasa Angkasa, Rani Hendriana, Filep Wamafma, Ogiandhafiz Juanda, Bhanu Prakash Nunna


Force Majeure During COVID-19 Outbreaks: Case of the Cancellation and Termination of Government Construction Contracts

Muskibah Muskibah, Yetniwati Yetniwati, Sasmiar Sasmiar, Amarru Muftie Holish


The Intersection of the Progressive Law Theory and the Self-Declaration Concept of MSEs Halal Certification

Akhmad Khalimy, Yusriyadi Yusriyadi, Ro'fah Setyowati, Syahruddin Syahruddin, Abdul Muizz Abdul Wadud


Indonesian Patent Law Reform for Simple Patent Innovations on Achieving Welfare State Objectives

Waspiah Waspiah, Budi Santoso, Paramita Prananingtyas, Muhammad Iqbal Baiquni, Dany Eka Saputra


Indonesian Travel Policy during the Outbreaks: Vaccination and Quarantine Legal Culture and Policy on Indonesian Air Transportation

Annalisa Yahanan, Nurhidayatuloh Nurhidayatuloh, Mada Apriandi, Tongle Si, Murzal Murzal


The Driving Factors for Recidivism of Former Terrorism Convicts in Socio-Legal Perspective

Ali Masyhar, Ali Murtadho, Ahmad Zaharuddin Sani Ahmad Sabri