Issues of justice and legal certainty are closely related to human rights. This has become an interesting study in various forums both national and international. Recent developments regarding various legal regulations, however, there are still many facts that justice has not yet been fulfilled as it should be. This edition raises the theme "Global Discourses on Justice, Human Rights and Legal Certainty" with the aim of providing a comprehensive and complete picture of this issue both in the national context in Indonesia and globally. This edition contains the works of authors from Indonesia and Egypt. The authors' affiliations consist of: Arab Federation of Engineering Arbitration Egypt, Semarang State University, LBH Justitia, Council of Law, Human Rights and Politics of the Regional Board of Aisyiyah Kebumen, IAIN Pekalongan, Law Independent Law Office, Mohamad Dodi Prihartanto SH and Partners Law Office, LBH ADIL, Legal Aid Center UIN Walisongo Branch Kebumen, and various other agencies.

Published: 2021-04-30