Science Literacy Ability and Student Learning Outcomes On Project Based Learning (PjBL)

Tunggu Ica Giwanti, Andreas Priyono Budi Prasetyo, Eva Banowati

242-247 |

Implementation of Predict Observe Explain Model and Outdoor Guided Inquiry in Improving Students' Critical Thinking in Science Learning

Devi Setyaningrum, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Sigit Saptono

248-253 |

Effectiveness of Project Based Learning and Guided Inquiry to Improve Learning Achievement and Entrepreneurship in Blora, Indonesia

Ninditya Enggawati Hayuningtyas, Tri Suminar, Erni Suharini

254-260 |

Jigsaw Learning VS Student Team Achievement Divisions (STAD): Which One is Better in Improving Learning Outcomes

Fadhilah Fatihannisa, Purwadi Suhandini, Tri Suminar

261-267 |

The Effectiveness of Brain Based Learning Assisted by Schoology towards Students’ Creative Thinking and Self-Efficacy

Imanuel Imanuel, St. Budi Waluya, Scolastika Mariani

274-281 |

Analysis of Character Education Integration On Civics Lesson Plan for Fourth Graders at Primary School

Apriliani Puspa Arum Sari, Tri Suminar, Sunarto Sunarto

282-289 |

Supervision of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in Early Childhood Education Learning

Rini Setiasih, Tri Suminar, Sarwi Sarwi

290-295 |

Model of Problem Based Learning Assisted with Multimedia Flash in Improving the Concept Understanding of Elementary School Students

Handoko Aji Wardana, Hartono Hartono, Sri Susilogati Sumarti Sri Susilogati Sumarti

296-303 |

The Effect of Scout Extracurricular to the Integrity of the Students in Elementary School

Katrina Ramadhani, Masrukhi Masrukhi, Erni Suharini

304-310 |

The Implementation of PBL Model by Using Demonstration Toward Problem Solving Skill and Student Learning Outcome

Ziki Solekhan, Kasmadi Imam Supardi, Sri Wardani

311-316 |

Development of Supplementary Book of Writing Skills for Beginner with Local Wisdom Content for Elementary School Students

Nashihah Laila Masruroh, Hari Bakti Mardikantoro, Sugianto Sugianto

317-325 |

Development of Supplementary Science Teaching Materials with Ethnoscience Contained to Foster Students' Critical Thinking

Lina Kumalasari, Sudarmin Sudarmin, Sri Sulistyorini

326-333 |

Mini Research Based of Learning Material under Theme of Human Respiration System

Dwiba Elisa, Endang Susilaningsih, Lisdiana Lisdiana

334-341 |

Environment-based Learning as a Learning Source for Childhood Education Program

Kurniyah Kurniyah, Dwi Yuwono Puji Sugiharto, Kustiono Kustiono

342-350 |