Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies (JILS) is a peer reviewed journal published biannual (May and November) by Postgraduate Program, Faculty of Law, Universitas Negeri Semarang. JILS is intended to be the journal for publishing of results of research on law both empirical and normative study, especially in contemporary legal issues. The various topics but not limited to, criminal law, constitutional law, private law, economic law, human rights law, international law, tax law, Islamic law, customary law, commercial business law, environmental law, street law, legal education, maritime law, trade law, in the framework of Indonesian legal systems and Indonesian legal studies.

Vol 3 No 02 (2018): Crimes and Society: General Issues on Criminal Law in Indonesia

CRIME in the midst of society has undergone various changes, both in terms of form, type, motive, even to the cause of occurrence. The legal aspects in responding to crime are not only related to aspects of law enforcement or repression, but also prevention. Law is considered as a way to create a peaceful and prosperous society, one of which is through social engineering. In many countries, including Indonesia, industrialization, urbanization and rapid social change are among the causes of the emergence and development of various crimes. This Journal edition provide eight articles concerning to criminal law and contemporary issues on criminal law, and one article on general topics of law, and one book review. JILS this edition has been indexed by Index Copernicus International (ICI) World of Journals, HeinOnline, Microsoft Acadmeict Search, Portal Garuda Ristekdikti, and many more. We are on preparation to submit out journal into SINTA and ARJUNA Ristekdikti, and also International Reputable Journal Indexers

Published: 2018-12-09

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